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Get a massage

Pete is a Licensed Massage Therapist and offers therapeutic massage in our massage studio, located only 3 blocks from the condos. Or, Pete can bring his massage table to the condos. Click Here  


Get family pictures!

I'm a professional photographer (I majored in photojournalism at UT Austin and worked as a newspaper photographer for about 10 years). Now, I focus my lens on scenic shots for stock photography and I shoot family portraits on the beach. I often shoot right outside the condos on North Beach near sunset. It's a great way for people to remember their vacation. Click Here  


Check out this new business!

We take people kayaking, birdwatching, sailboating, etc. right here in CC. Our focus is on non-motorized, nature-based outdoor recreation. I worked as an eco-guide on Maui and in Mexico before moving to CC. My husband Pete is a US Coast Guard licensed captain and has driven tour boats out of CC Marina. He has been sailing since he was 6 and is a regular in the Wednesday night sailboat races. Click Here  


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Be sure to check out why Tripangle is The Best Property Management System On The Market! Click Here  


Check Out Our Interview With Texas Homes For Sale

Check out Texas Coastal Vacation's interview, A Guide to Renting on the Coast of Texas on Texas Homes, one of the top sites for Texas real estate, including Austin, TX homes for sale. Texas Homes also services Oklahoma homes for sale and North Carolina homes for sale.



Schlitterbahn is set to open the largest water park in the U.S. June 2014

Corpus And the surrounding areas are really starting to make waves. Corpus just recently added a new water park and set to open June 2014 America's largest is set to open. Big things happening, so book your rentals today and get your vacation started!!! 


Great Fall destinations on the Texas Coast

When visiting the Gulf Coast of Texas, plan your trip to accommodate some of the most popular spots around. The Gulf Coast has all the necessary elements of an ideal getaway. Enjoy lots of sunshine, beautiful views of the ocean, and fun activities the family can enjoy. During your visit to the Gulf Coast have fun at great places to visit during the day, and enjoy a relaxing dinner at night at local restaurants. Check out nightlife and entertainment to complete a romantic evening. Check out local hot spots to get a feel of the home of the Gulf Coast in Texas. Be sure to take lots of pictures for memories of your special visit to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

Corpus Christi is the perfect vacation spot for any family, couple, or individual that is looking to get away. Whether for a weekend or an extended visit, there is an extensive list of places to visit and sights to see. Visit Padre Island National Seashore for a day of swimming, fishing, wind surfing, or camping at the beach. Corpus Christi is home to the Texas State Aquarium, The USS Lexington, Museum of Science and History, and much more tourist sites.

Pasadena is a town located in between the coast and Houston, Texas. Pasadena has local places to visit such as the Armand Bayou Nature Center, Pasadena Historical Museum, and indoor theme park iT’Z Pasadena for fun with the family. Consider visiting here when looking for a larger city within driving distance to the coast.

Galveston is a coastal city located on Galveston Island. Galveston has over 30 miles of beaches to visit, making it the perfect vacation spot to visit in the Gulf Coast. Consider renting a beach house instead of a hotel to enjoy the environment. The Galveston Visitors Bureau recommends checking out annual events such as Festival of Lights, the Artwalk Location, and Laser Lights & Magic in the Park.

Rockport is a small relaxing town located on the eastern coast of Texas in between Copano Bay and Aransas Bay. Places to visit in Rockport include the Fulton Mansion, which is a local tourist attraction on the National Register of Historic Places. Visit Rockport Beach Park for swimming and fishing activities everyone can participate in. Check out local restaurants such as JD’s Seafood Restaurant, GLOW, and Poor Man’s Country Club for a good lunch or dinner service. 


Fall in Corpus Christi and Other Happenings

Well summer is slowly coming to a close on the Texas Coast, although somedays it doesn't feel like it! With fall the temperatures start to fall and business slows down. If you did not have a chance to make it down to the coast over the summer it's not too late to take a weekend trip and also take advantage of our reduced winter rates.

Downtown Changes..

Some more exciting news that was decided on by city council is improvement to downtown area. Although it has been almost a year in stand-still the city council has finally approved Austin based architects Gignac and Associates to move forward on the plan. The $4.8 million dollar improvements will affect the majority of Chaparral St. The plans hope to widen sidewalks, redo street surfaces and make the area more pedestrian friendly!

Rockport Seafair Oct. 5-7

If you are planning to make a trip to the coast in October the first weekend may be your best bet. The annual Rockport Seafair will only be a short drive from Corpus Christi and is worth the time. Featuring rides, amusements, art, and great food the Seafair has a little bit of everything and is sure to please the entire party. For more information: 


More to Life than Pictures: Virtual Tours

Many owners have beautiful properties but discouraging pictures. Either in a rush, low light quality or just a bad camera many owners are limiting their potential to capitalize and grow their rental revenue. We have all heard the term: “a picture is worth a thousand words.” If this holds true, how many words is a virtual tour worth? Limitless. In this article I will show you some quick reasons why you should consider adding a virtual tour to your listing.

The Devil is in the Details
First impressions are everything. You could have one of the most desirable, beautiful, and stunning rental properties but if you don’t leave a lasting impression on your potential guest you have lost them forever. Your rental property is four dimensional so shouldn't your listing be? A virtual tour allows you to show off all the unique qualities of your property, as if you were giving the tour yourself. Pictures do have a place in a listing, but that should not be the limit...expand your guests horizons (literally) by implementing a virtual tour.

Many owners go no further than snapping pictures because they feel the cost vs. benefit of implementing a virtual tour is low. I am here to say: if your guests have a better feel of your unit, your rentals will increase (quite easily) thus paying for itself. Best of all virtual tours have low cost of entry, meaning that in less than an hour your property can be filmed, photographed and shared at a lower cost than most people would imagine.

This is probably the key reason you should choose to use a virtual tour in your listing. Did you know that less than 10% of our listings have virtual tours? Imagine your leg up when potential guests view your condo. In fact “interactive media will receive 38% more views than a competitor’s site.” Wow. By looking at a virtual tour on your listing they already feel at home, rather than your competitors one dimensional photos. Virtual tours is the creative way to set your property apart from your competition. Nowadays...everyone is vying for rental revenue, so they question is why aren't you capturing it?

Texas Coastal Vacations is proud to announce the addition of virtual tours as a service offered to our owners or any property owner. Best of all, the virtual tour integrates directly into your listing on TXCV! If you are interested in scheduling a virtual tour please contact me:

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Can you use $250?

It’s summertime and we here at Texas Coastal Vacations are actively looking to expand our inventory. We are constantly bombarded by requests from guests for additional vacation condos and properties. The fact is; we just don’t have enough condos to meet the demand! TXCV is the #1 leader in property management in the coastal bend, for guests and owners. 80% of our bookings through the entire year come in during the summer!

So, how can I make $250?
Even if you aren’t an owner you can still make $250! If you know of any owner in the Texas coastal bend that is looking to make some extra cash with their vacation property refer them to us and we will give you $250 cash when they list their property with us.

Attention Owners:
If you own a condo, house, or rental in the coastal bend (from Houston to South Padre Island) and are interested in making some extra money with your unit contact us today! The difference between us and traditional property management companies is that we use TripAngle’s booking software AND allow you to collect the money (deposited directly into your bank account). In fact, we will offer you $250 cash or a full automated door lock for listing your property with us ($300 value)! Contact us for more details and to list your property today.

If you have a vacation property in the Texas Coastal Bend or know someone that does contact me:

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Historic Corpus Christi Landmarks

Corpus Christi has many new attractions but there are also many historical landmarks that most visitors overlook. These historic Corpus Christi landmarks are sure to please the entire family during the downtime of your vacation.

The Nueces Hotel
Once the most luxurious hotel on the Texas Coast, Nueces Hotel was also the largest building south of San Antonio. Serving as the “place to be,” the Nueces Hotel was finished in 1913 with all the modern amenities. Featuring an in-house power and laundry plant, the hotel was ahead of its time. Originally built on Water Street (which ran along the water at the time), it was Corpus Christi’s main attractions. Through the 1920s the hotel survived two hurricanes and numerous storms, standing strong. In the 1950s the hotel eventually lost its luster and fell into disrepair. Finally hurricane Celia in 1970 did more damage than the owners could withstand.

In 1973 the La Quinta Royale was built on the site (now the Bayfront Inn) which was most recently featured on the national TV show Hotel Impossible.

Stop by and visit the recently rejuvenated hotel! The windows show photos of the historic Nueces Hotel in its heyday. The Bayfront Inn is also home to Cassidy’s Irish Pub and a Cafe, serving the freshest espressos.

Visit the Nueces Hotel Location: 601 N Water St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Harbor Bridge
Built in 1959, the Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge is a vital link between downtown and North Beach/Portland, TX. If you have ever visited Corpus Christi it is likely that you have been one of over 6,000 people per day to drive across it. Built to replace a smaller drawbridge the Harbor Bridge not only allows more people to visit Corpus Christi but also frees up nautical traffic into the harbor.

In 2011 a brand new LED system was installed on the bridge to highlight its architectural features. Using private and public money, $2.2 million dollar project not only lights up the bridge but can be seen from our condos ! The bridge is also open to foot traffic. Go at sunset to get some great pictures of the bridge and of the gorgeous views it affords.

You can view the Harbor bridge between downtown and North can’t miss it!

The Ritz Theatre
The year was 1896, Thomas Edison had just unveiled the first movie projector the world has seen. The Ritz Theatre opened on Christmas Day in 1929. With the economy reeling from the stock market just months before, patrons were looking for a distraction from reality. The Ritz Theatre seats over 1300 people within its Spanish influenced facade.

Today tours are given on certain holidays and ghost walks during Halloween! CC Patch is working to revive the old Ritz Theatre but needs your support.

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Upcoming Corpus Christi Attractions

Image Hosted by

When you travel you often look for places that not only offer affordable, and nice accommodations but also attractions. Pleasing adults and children alike (for many different reasons), water parks are a must for any party traveling during the summer. In South Texas it is not unusual for temperatures to be 100+ degree, to combat this many travelers make a day trip to a water park....except there is none! Yet.

The closest water park if you are in South Texas and the Corpus Christi area is driving to Galveston or even South Padre Island where Schlitterbahn reigns supreme. Luckily vacationers to the coastal bend are in luck! Coming soon to Corpus and North Padre Island/Port Aransas area is two water parks that promise to cool down those summer time blues.

Hurricane Alley Water Park (Pictured Above)

Last summer developers broke ground on Hurricane Alley, a 2.5 acre water park that will include a swim up bar (adults!), six-story slide, a pair of racing slides, and even a wave pool. The park will cater to children and adults alike with concession stands and designated children’s area. Nearby is the Whataburger field and Concrete Center Amphitheater to catch a fly ball or some tunes. As of this publishing the park is on schedule to open in 3 weeks, or the end of April! For more information and tickets: Hurricane Alley

Image Hosted by

Schlitterbahn Water Park, North Padre Island

Not yet complete, the Schlitterbahn Water Park proposed on North Padre Island will revolutionize how visitors and native Islanders spend their summer. Known for their gigantic water park in New Braunfels, Texas, Schlitterbahn was originally built in 1979. The park intends to transform the 112 acres on NPI to a water wonderland that includes a retractable roof over a portion of the park, a mini-golf course, restaurants and lodging. If approved it is estimated the park will open in Summer 2013. Look forward to Texas’s most famous water park in your backyard! For more information: Schlitterbahn Water Park

If you have visited any of these water parks or know any more information you would like to contribute to the article please email me:  


Five Fun Things to Do in Corpus Christi, TX

Founded in 1839 by Colonel Henry Kenney, Corpus Christi has grown from a major import/export hub to a unique tourist destination. The “Sparkling City by the Sea,” as it is often referred to, has much more to offer than just beach time activities that fill most vacationers days. After a long day, or few days, at the beach, it is time to explore and exploit everything Corpus Christi has to offer.

Like hidden treasures in the sand, many of the fun things to do in Corpus Christi are tucked away...uncovered by those looking for bountiful entertainment!

Image Hosted by
1. The USS Lexington

While the Lexington is not really hidden like many of our other finds, it will satisfy the curious. In 1991 the Lexington was retired as a Navy ship and securely “parked” on North Beach (just across the Harbor Bridge). Inside the old ship features a full real-life museum, allowing visitors to explore the entire ship. Also aboard is an IMAX theatre, flight simulators, and a few food venues. So grab the group, check out history sitting just outside your door...the USS Lexington. For more information visit: USS Lexington

Image Hosted by
2. Padre Island National Seashore (PINS)

The beautiful and undisturbed South Texas beach! Streching over 70 miles long and covering 130,000 acres the PINS will provide a great day at the escape from the daily grind. The Seashore is also extremely popular with birdwatchers, photographers and beachcombers alike. In 1978 a program was established to help PINS revert back to the natural nesting ground for the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles. Get your swimming gear, metal detector and may even see some baby turtles while you are there! For more information visit: Padre Island National Seashore

Image Hosted by
3. Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

An authentic reproduction of Columbus’ ship, the Pinta is docked outside the CC Museum of Science and History! Step back in time and stroll alongside treasures from famous shipwrecks. Allow the museum to seamlessly take you back to before Corpus Christi even existed. The museum even houses a collection of live animals such as alligators, birds and lizards. For more information visit: CC Museum of Science and History

Image Hosted by
4. Whataburger Field

Unique to Texas and Flordia, Whataburger was founded in Corpus Christi over 50 years ago. Opened in 2005 the field is located on what used to be an old cotton plant. From a great seat in the field you can even see the Lexington and Harbor Bridge! Forget the hot dog...grab a cold one, relax, and play ball! For more information and game times: Whataburger Field

Image Hosted by
5. Ride Horses into the Sunset

It is Texas after all...explore the Texas Coast like the first settlers--horseback riding! A great end of the day trip is to saddle up and set off into the sunset on a pair of horses. Take a romantic partner or some friends. Wind down the day as the waves crash on the beach and birds flock by. There are many great business on the Island that do these trips, for more information: Ride Horses Corpus Christi

If you have any great places to visit in Corpus Christi email me: 


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Ten Fun Activities for Kids on the Texas Coast

The Texas Coast is a great place to vacation as a family! From Galveston to Brownsville, there are a ton of fun things to do and see with your kids. Here are the top ten activities you don't want to miss:

1. Padre Island National Seashore North Padre Island Cost: $10/car Type of activity: Outdoor fun in the sun Special considerations: none The Padre Island National Seashore is the longest stretch of undeveloped barrier island in the world! Check out the Malaquite Visitor Center for information about sea turtles hatching at the park, and maps of nearby hiking trails. Covering 130,000 acres, the park is also open for cars to drive up and down the beach. The park hosts about 20 sea turtle hatchling releases each year, open to the public. They are quite popular, so be sure to check online and with the Hatchling Hotline (361) 949-7163 as you make your plans.

2. Texas State Aquarium Corpus Christi Cost: $17 - adult, $12 - child (3-12 yrs), free - infants & toddlers (2 and under) Type of activity: Indoor/outdoor exploration Special considerations: bring swimsuits and/or a change of clothes if you want to play in the attached splash park. With half a dozen indoor exhibits featuring dolphins, stingrays, moray eels, and touch pools of hermit crabs and species local to Padre Island, the Texas State Aquarium is a great destination for exploration and fun. Additionally, it boasts more than half a dozen pools and exhibits outdoors, featuring alligators, sea turtles, otters, bald eagles, and more! At the end of your visit, you can dig for fossils in the Paleo Park, or cool off and have a blast at the Splash Park.

3. USS Lexington Corpus Christi Cost: $14 - adult, $9 - children (4 - 12 yrs), free - infants & toddlers (3 and under)*. Parking - $3.50 Type of Activity: Indoor exploration and learning Special Considerations: Includes steep stairways; comfortable clothes and non-skid shoes are recommended. The USS Lexington was first commissioned in 1943 and served longer than any other carrier, for nearly 50 years until it was decommissioned in 1991. There are five different self-guided tours you can choose from, spending anywhere from a few hours to all day exploring naval history. Your admission ticket also includes a show at the MEGA theater - featuring a three-story screen and state of the art projection and sound. For $4 extra, you can also experience being a fighter pilot first-hand in their on-board flight simulators. *Check for coupons online to receive a $1 discount on admission tickets.

4. Lighthouse Lakes Paddling Trail Port Aransas Cost: $40-50 per kayak rental (some outfitters offer tandems for a parent and child) Type of activity: Outdoor water recreation and observation Special considerations: Suitable for adults and older children. Although there is no charge for trail admission, advance planning may be required to set up kayak rentals through a third-party outfitter (canoes are not recommended). The Lighthouse Lakes Paddling Trail is actually a series of four different loops, ranging from 1.25 to nearly 7 miles long (45 min to 3 hours). The trails meander through mangrove channels and open flats while circling the Lydia Ann Lighthouse, built in 1857. The lighthouse is not open to the public, so kayaking the surrounding waterways will offer you a unique chance to see it, along with water birds, plants, and animals.

5. Brownsville Children's Museum Brownsville Cost: $5/person, free - infants (1 and under) Type of activity: Indoor exploration and learning Special considerations: Closed Sunday morning and Mondays, as well as some holidays (check website for details). Ideal for toddlers and younger children. With a dozen different exhibits, the Brownsville Children's Museum offers young children the change to play and explore. They can shop in the market, work in the construction zone, or even do a weather cast in front of a green screen at the weather station. Be sure to check out their list of special events and workshops coming up this spring, summer, and fall.

6. King Ranch Kingsville Cost: $10 - adults, $4 - children (5-12), free - infants and toddlers (4 and under) Type of activity: Bus tour of working historical cattle ranch Special considerations: Tours run at 10 am, noon, and 2 pm Mon-Sat, and 12:30 and 2:30 pm Sun. Closed on some holidays (check website for details). The hour-and-a-half-long guided bus tour at King Ranch will give you and your kids the opportunity to see cattle, quarterhorses, and longhorn. Perfect for animal lovers! The tour also includes an overview of how a modern-day cattle ranch operates, as well as a look back how it functioned historically. You can also stop and visit the museum while you're there ($5 - adults, $2.50 - children).

7. Texas Maritime Museum Rockport Cost: $6 - adults, $3 children (6-12), free - infants and toddlers (5 and under) Type of activity: Indoor learning and exploration Special considerations: Closed Mondays and some holidays (check website for details) What would a trip to the coast be without learning about Texas's rich maritime tradition? The Texas Maritime Museum provides all of that, with a look at the role the coasts have played in settling, oil and gas exploration, fishing, and shipbuilding. Through June 2012, there is also a temporary exhibit about the Merchant Marines. Although the museum exhibits are closed Mondays, they offer a weekly brown bag lecture series at noon. Be sure to check out their calendar for other upcoming events.

8. Rosenberg Railroad Museum Rosenberg Cost: $5 - adults, $3 - children (1-14) Type of activity: Indoor/outdoor exploration and fun Special considerations: Closed Mondays Choo choo! Trains are a favorite for many kids, and the Rosenberg Railroad Museum is full of them. Kids can explore historical pictures and railroad artifacts, as well as see train cars and engines up close, and operate an interlocking machine that was used to switch tracks and control train traffic. Fun to be had by all!!

9. Schlitterbahn South Padre Island Cost: tba Type of activity: Outdoor fun in the sun Special considerations: Open primarily May - August, some weekends in April and Sept. With more than a dozen different rides and attractions, Schlitterbahn South Padre Island has more than enough to keep you busy and having fun all day long. Be sure to check out the Sand Castle - a five-story sculpture and water playground in the center of the park. Located right on the beach, bring a picnic lunch or grab something to eat at the full-service Shrimp Haus located next door. Check out their brochure for more information.

10. Sea Turtle Inc. South Padre Island Cost: $3 - adults, $2 - children over 4 (suggested donation) Type of activity: Indoor/outdoor learning and discovery Special considerations: Closed Mondays. Open 10 am - 4 pm, with "Turtle Talks" every half hour, last presentation at 3:30 pm. Sea Turtle, Inc., is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured sea turtles, and educating the public about conservation efforts for different coastal turtle species. They offer 20-30 min "turtle talks" throughout the day that cover the organization's mission and rescue efforts as well as in-depth information about sea turtles. Check out the list of current residents to see close-up pictures of the turtles before you go!

With so many options to choose from, the Texas Coast is a great place to vacation with your family. You're sure to make special memories that will last for years to come!


Texas Coastal Vacations now uses TripAngle booking software!

We are happy to present that the team at TXCV is now using TripAngle property management software!

TripAngle, software that helps automate and streamline the booking process as well as many other features, is now being offered to HOAs, Property Management companies (TXCV), and even owners. It is a great product and the only one on the market right now that offers automatic cleaning schedules, accounting automation, booking, and credit card processing and much more.  


New attraction coming to Corpus Christi!

The Corpus Christi Downtown/Bay Front area will have a new attraction coming April 14, 2012. Hurricane Alley will be Corpus Christi's first water park located on 2.5 acres and features:

A six-story slide, racing slides, a lazy river, wave pool and concession areas.

The park will only be about a mile from some of our rentals, contact us for more information.

For more information about this exciting park, please click on the link below:  


We are expanding, socially!

With nearly all the world connected to social media it is becoming one of the best ways to reach out to customers and build relationships. Lately we have been working on our social media pages and hope you will join us on Facebook or Twitter!

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1st Annual Miss CC Pageant Will Be held Sunday September 5 at Brewsters. and Brewster Street Icehouse will host the 1st Annual Miss Corpus Christi Swimsuit Pageant on Sunday September 5. A portion of all of the proceeds generated by this event will be donated to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. Call Tony Martinez for more information 361-425-3001. 


Paradise Beautiful Resort Beachfront Condo in Port A - Texas Property #214

7/7/2010 - The best word to describe this beachfront Mayan Princess condo is "impressive." Perhaps I should start with my favorite feature, the Jacuzzi bathtub. This bathtub is enormous – you have to walk up a couple of steps just to get into it, and the tub itself is the size of a small bathroom. Push a button on the wall, and the jets soothe away any stress you may have been feeling before you arrived. The condo itself was huge for a one bedroom and the well-placed mirrors everywhere made it seem that much bigger. The condo was furnished and decorated well, from the very cool hardwood ceiling to the rustic armoire and dining table to the plush leather couch that you’re likely to fall asleep on if you’re not careful. The kitchen is fully loaded with cooking utensils, pots and pans, and everything you would find in your own kitchen. Step outside to watch the sunset on an oversized balcony that overlooks 3 stunning pools and are just steps away from the Port Aransas shoreline. One nice surprise for us in the condo was beach toys – funnoodles and boogie boards ready for some fun in the sun. The condo's owners provide charcoal for the grills by the pool. In short, if you’re headed down to Port Aransas, look no further. This place is great! I cannot wait to return. The VRBO Bear  


Amazing Rentals in Corpus Christi, North Padre, & Port A Property #1104

7/7/2010 - The Vista Del Sol condo is all about location. It sits just 3-5 minutes from all that is Corpus Christi. Take a short ride over the bay bridge and you are downtown, or aboard the USS Lexington (also visible from the balcony), or check out the wonder at the Aquarium. If you are looking to go to the beach, just walk downstairs and you’re there! What makes this condo stand out in the complex is that it one of just a few that has a balcony with a beach view. Inside you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a little R & R with a fully stocked kitchen and large, comfy bed in the bedroom. I’m really picky about pillows and take it from me, these are great pillows. I particularly enjoyed the flat screen on the wall in the living room that could be turned toward the balcony so you can watch your favorite show while out in the sun. This place is perfect for a couple looking for a beach front condo in the heart of Corpus Christi. The VRBO Bear  



We pray for those hurt by this tragedy.

All properties on Texas Coastal Vacations have not been affected from the oil spill in The Gulf. This has happened north of us, and with The Gulf Stream that flows North and East of us, we are not impacted in any way. The technical terminology is below.

The Gulf Stream, together with its northern extension towards Europe, the North Atlantic Drift, is a powerful, warm, and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico, exits through the Strait of Florida, and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The process of western intensification causes the Gulf Stream to be a northward accelerating current offshore the east coast of North America. 


Elton John is Playing April 6 at The American Bank Center!

Our condos in Coprus Christi are right next to the American Bank Center where Elton John will be playing for his first time in Corpus Christi on April 6, 2010.  


Walking With Dinosaurs In Corpus Christi 2 Nights ONLY! November 10-11

November 10-11 Tuesday and Wednesday! 7pm on both nights and 10:30am on Wednesday November 11. This attraction will only be minutes from our ALL of our great condos!  


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